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CANpedia is a PC tool for viewing and interacting with data available on a CAN network. CAN stands for Controller Area Network and is a reliable message based communication medium. It originated in the automotive industry and is currently also popular in industrial, medical, aerospace and nautical applications.

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CANpedia is reasonably priced and has an easy-to-use and straightforward user interface. It features a powerful scripting engine, typically only present in high-end expensive CAN tools. The scripting engine is capable of running user created scripts in real-time for interacting with the CAN bus. Such scripts can be used for data acquisition/validation, network node simulation and even automated node testing.

It is the ideal tool for embedded software developers implementing, debugging and testing firmware that involves CAN communication. CANpedia runs on MS Windows PCs in combination with a supported CAN hardware interface such as the popular PCAN-USB from Peak Systems.

You can download a demo version to evaluate CANpedia's features for free. Or you can go ahead and buy CANpedia immediately via our e-commerce partner. You will receive your registration code via e-mail, with which you can activate CANpedia to unlock all its functionality.


CANpedia includes its own script editor called CANscripter. It features syntax highlighting and syntax checking. Scripts are written in the Object Pascal programming language, which is an object oriented version of the easy-to-learn Pascal programming language. All scripts in a CANpedia configuration are automatically compiled and executed upon starting a CAN bus measurement.

There are numerous script examples available in CANpedia’s user manual, which is accessed through CANpedia’s help-menu. All available functions, classes and data types are documented. You can quickly access these reference sections through a pop-up menu that appears by right-clicking in the editor window.


  • Transmit and receive CAN messages.
  • Creating and loading of message log files for offline analysis.
  • Scrolling and non-scrolling CAN message trace modes.
  • Pause and resume functionality for CAN message tracing.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Powerful scripting engine.
  • Extensive user manual.

Currently, the following CAN hardware interfaces from Peak Systems are supported: PCAN-USB, PCAN-PCI and PCAN-PC Card. Support for additional CAN hardware interfaces can be added upon request.

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