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 ====== Frequently Asked Questions ====== ====== Frequently Asked Questions ======
 +**__What is the history of the OpenBLT bootloader project?__** \\  
 +The OpenBLT project started out as a hobby project that Frank Voorburg developed on the side in his spare time. Not long after publishing the project as open source at [[https://sourceforge.net/projects/openblt/|SourceForge]], companies contracted him to perform bootloader integrations and customizations for them. 
 +Interest in the OpenBLT project grew consistently and continuously over the following years, resulting in a switch to a [[https://www.feaser.com/en/openblt.php#licensing|dual licensing model]] and Frank Voorburg reorganizing his company Feaser. Feaser is now fully dedicated to providing professional engineering services and commercial licenses around the OpenBLT bootloader. More details about the history of the OpenBLT project is available in [[https://www.feaser.com/en/blog/?p=11|this blog article]].
 +One of the main factors contributing to the success of the OpenBLT project is the synergy between the company Feaser on the one hand and the open source OpenBLT project on the other hand. The OpenBLT project generates income for Feaser, which makes it possible for Feaser to fully sponsor the development and maintenance efforts of the OpenBLT project. [[https://www.feaser.com/en/blog/?p=256|This blog article]] contains more information about the relationship between Feaser and the OpenBLT project.
 **__Why should I use the OpenBLT bootloader?__** \\   **__Why should I use the OpenBLT bootloader?__** \\  
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