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ARM-CM0 XMC1 Infineon XMC1400 Boot Kit GCC Dave 4

Supported firmware update interfaces

Yes Yes No No No

Development Environment

This demo is targeted towards the Infineon XMC1400 Boot Kit board, with 200 kB internal Flash EEPROM and 16 kB internal RAM.

To program the bootloader into the internal flash on the XMC1400 microcontroller, the on-board Segger J-Link JTAG interface was used. However, this is not required if you have another means of programming the internal flash.

To compile the demo programs you can use the Dave (version 4) development environment for XMC microcontrollers.

Workspace creation in Dave

Two demo projects are included in the OpenBLT bootloader package. One for the bootloader itself and one for the demo user program. This user program is configured such that it can be programmed, into the internal flash memory of the microcontroller, during a firmware update with the bootloader.

The first step in getting the the bootloader up-and-running, is the creation of the Eclipse workspace in Dave. After starting Dave, you are prompted to open a workspace. It is easiest to create a new one in the following directory: .\Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_GCC\

To import the demo programs into the workspace, select File → Import from the program menu. Then select Infineon → DAVE Project. On the next screen you select the following directory as the root directory: .\Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_GCC\. Eclipse will automatically find the Boot and Prog projects and select them:

Click the Finish button to complete the project import operation.

Building and programming the Bootloader

Before the bootloader can be used, it needs to be built and programmed into the XMC1400's internal flash memory. The steps in this section only need to be done once.

Set the project as the active project in Eclipse. This is achieved by right-clicking the Boot project in the project navigator called C/C++ Projects. From the context menu, select Set Active Project. Next, select Project → Rebuild Active Project from the menu to compile all the bootloader sources and link them together into the final executable.

The bootloader program is now ready to be programmed into the internal flash memory of the XMC1400. Make sure the XMC1400 Boot Kit is connected to your PC via a USB cable. Next, right-click the Boot project in the project navigator and select Debug As → Dave C/C++ Application from the context menu to flash the bootloader program. This will launch the Debug perspective in Eclipse. Once done, you can start the bootloader program by clicking the green play button on the toolbar or by pressing F8 on the keyboard.

Alternatively, you can use your favorite programmer to flash the bootloader using one of the following files, depending on what file type your programmer supports:

  • \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_GCC\Boot\Debug\openblt_xmc1400.elf
  • \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_GCC\Boot\Debug\openblt_xmc1400.srec

Note that after closing the debug session in Eclipse, the on-board Segger J-Link interface halts the CPU. If you want to continue running the bootloader program, a reset of the microcontroller is needed. An easy method to achieve this is by disconnecting and then reconnecting the USB cable.

Building the Demo Program

When using IAR EWARM, simply open the workspace from within the Embedded Workbench. The workspace file (xmc1400.eww) is located at: \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_IAR\Prog\ide\. Once opened, select Project→Rebuild All from the menu to compile all the demo program sources and link the together into the final executable.

The output file is

  • \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_IAR\Prog\bin\demoprog_xmc1400.srec

Firmware update procedure

To download the demo program \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_XMC1_XMC1400_Boot_Kit_IAR\Prog\bin\demoprog_xmc1400.srec using the bootloader, follow the instructions in the following links, depending on the communication interface you intend to use:

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