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 ===== Building the Demo Program ===== ===== Building the Demo Program =====
-When using EmBitzsimply ​open the project file by double-clicking the file: \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_STM32F0_Nucleo_F091RC_GCC\**Prog**\ide\**stm32f091.ebp** from the Windows Explorer. To build the demo program, select //Build -Rebuild ​all target files// from the program'​s menu+To build the user program, open a command prompt in directory **\Target\Demo\ARMCM0_STM32F0_Nucleo_F091RC_GCC\Prog\** ​and run the command: 
 +make clean all 
 +The expected output is: 
 ++++ Cleaning build environment ​                                                                                         
 ++++ Clean complete ​                                                                                                     
 ++++ Assembling [startup_stm32f0xx.S]                                                                                    
 ++++ Compiling [boot.c] ​                                                                                                 
 ++++ Compiling [main.c] ​                                                                                                 
 ++++ Linking [demoprog_stm32f091.elf] 
 ++++ Build complete [demoprog_stm32f091.srec] 
 The output file is The output file is
   * \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_STM32F0_Nucleo_F091RC_GCC\**Prog**\bin\**demoprog_stm32f091.srec**   * \Target\Demo\ARMCM0_STM32F0_Nucleo_F091RC_GCC\**Prog**\bin\**demoprog_stm32f091.srec**
 ===== Firmware update procedure ===== ===== Firmware update procedure =====
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