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OpenBLT Bootloader

OpenBLT is an open source bootloader (GNU GPL v3). OpenBLT enables you and your customers to update the firmware on your microcontroller based product. A major benefit of OpenBLT being open source is that you can customize and tweak the bootloader to your specific needs.

OpenBLT can be ported to any 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit microcontroller and currently runs on ST STM32, Infineon XMC, NXP S12, TI TM4C and LM3S microcontrollers.

By default, it supports communication interfaces such as: RS232, CAN, USB, TCP/IP, Modbus RTU and it ships with the easy-to-use Microboot PC tool for initiating and monitoring the firmware update. Alternatively, firmware updates can be started from an SD-card.

Besides the GNU GPL, OpenBLT can be made available under a commercial license. This commercial license enables you to use and integrate OpenBLT into your closed sourced project.

OpenBLT Add-on Modules

Most clients prefer to use a customized version of the OpenBLT bootloader, typically to further increase its protection and security. After performing numerous of these customizations, we derived the commonly requested bootloader customizations and converted these into readily available OpenBLT add-on modules.

Examples of supported OpenBLT add-on modules are: firmware encryption with a 256 bit AES cryptography key, improved checksum mechanism for the entire firmware's program code, and master/slave gateway for performing firmware updates on slaves in a master-slave system.

OpenBLT Integration, Customization and Support

The goal of our offered engineering services is the successful integration of OpenBLT in your product. Our engineering services range from getting the OpenBLT running on your hardware all the way to creating a tailor-made bootloader solution that fits your specific requirements.

Maintenance and support contracts are available so you can be certain there is always someone available to answer your questions and solve your bootloader related problems. When necessary, we can visit you at your location for assistance.

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About Feaser

Feaser is a provider of products and engineering services for microcontroller based embedded systems. We develop and maintain the open source OpenBLT bootloader and are known for creating innovative and customer oriented solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

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