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 ===== Building Microboot from sources ===== ===== Building Microboot from sources =====
 +The free and open source [[https://​​|Lazarus IDE]] was used to develop MicroBoot. To install the Lazarus IDE, point your browser to its project page on [[https://​​projects/​lazarus/​files/​|SourceForge]]. Windows users can download the 32-bit installer from there. For Linux users, DEB and RPM packages are provided. However, it is recommended to install the version of the Lazarus IDE that is offered in the package repositories of your Linux distribution. Here are the installation instructions for most popular Linux distributions:​
 +  * **Debian**: <​code>​sudo apt install make gdb fpc fpc-source lazarus</​code>​
 +  * **Ubuntu**: <​code>​sudo apt install make gdb fpc fpc-source lazarus lcl</​code>​
 +  * **Fedora**: <​code>​sudo dnf install make gdb fpc fpc-src lazarus</​code>​
 +  * **openSUSE**:​ <​code>​sudo zypper install make gdb fpc fpc-src lazarus</​code>​
- +To build MicroBoot, start the Lazarus IDE by selecting it from the start menu of your desktop environment. Next, select //​Project->​Open//​ from the program menu. Browse to the **./​Host/​Source/​MicroBoot/​** directory and select the **MicroBoot.lpi** file. Build, run and debug MicroBoot by simply clicking the green play-button in the toolbar or by selecting //​Run->​Run//​ from the program menu.
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