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Are you an enthusiastic embedded software developer? A tool or board vendor looking for new ways to promote your product? Looking for a fun project to work on? Feel like supporting the open source movement? Perfect! I can use your help in the following areas:

  • Sponsoring by making development boards and tools available.
  • Determine and develop new features for OpenBLT.
  • Port OpenBLT to different microcontroller targets.
  • Add support for different compilers.
  • Add support for different development boards.

Development process

It is easy to contribute to the development of OpenBLT. Simply drop me an email (voorburg[at]feaser[dot]com) and let me know what you want to work on, so we can determine together if this fits with the roadmap I have in mind for OpenBLT.

When finished, e-mail me your modifications so I can review the code. If all is good, I will add it to the development version of OpenBLT. Once enough new features are added to justify a new release, I will prepare one based on the latest development version, which then automatically includes your code.

Note that the copyrights must be assigned to Feaser in the contributed code, otherwise it is not possible for your code to be added to the OpenBLT code base due to our dual licensing model.

Special thanks to

  • HMS Networks for donating an Ixxat USB-to-CAN FD interface.
  • ST for donating STM32 Nucleo development boards.
  • Infineon for donating XMC1, XMC4 and Aurix TC development boards.
  • IAR Systems for donating an IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM license.
  • Kvaser for donating a Leaf Light HS v2 CAN interface.
  • Olimex for donating development boards.
  • Rowley Associates for donating a CrossWorks for ARM license.
  • Segger for donating a J-Link debugger interface.
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